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User Guide Batch Analyze Influencers

Batch Analyze Influencers

Still analyzing influencers by adding channel links one after one? Don’t bother. In this tutorial, we’re going to introduce how to analyze influencers in batch.

How to Analyze Influencers in Batch

Step 1

Log in Influenex, and click Influencer Management in the drop-down menu of Key Features. Then you’ll be navigated to the management page. Hit the Batch Upload button at the upper right corner of the page, and you’re allowed to upload your influencer list.

Step 2

After uploading the influencer list into the pop-up dialog, you can click the Analyze Now button at the middle bottom to start analyzing all the channels you uploaded.

Step 3

After analyzing the influencers, you’ll be able to add them into your favorite groups for further communication.




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