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Manage Influencers

The influencer management feature on Influenex enables you to manage influencers with fully customized groups. The following guide will show you how to manage influencers with Influenex.

How to Manage Influencers with Influenex

Step 1

In searching result page, you’re able to add the influencer to your group by clicking the Heart button on the right side of the searching result.

Step 2

After clicking the Add to Favorite button, you’ll see a pop-up dialog. You can choose Default Group or click the Add Group button to add a personalized group. Name the group and click OK button at the lower-right bottom to add the influencer into the group.

Step 3

When you finished establishing a group, you can manage the group easily. By clicking the Pencil icon on the left side, you’re allowed to rename the group. By clicking the Email icon on the right side, you’re able to send the all influencers in this group with collaboration email in batch. If you click the Three Dots icon at the upper right corner of the group thumbnail, you’ll be able to delete the group.

Step 4

You can click the group thumbnail and enter the group details page. In this page, you can organize the influencers by clicking selecting a filter that meets your need. You’ll see the influencers in List Mode and you can click the Four Square icon at the upper right corner to change to Grid Mode.
The Select All button is on the left side of the view mode icon. In List Mode, you can check the Select All button to display the Select All option and checkbox on the right side of the list; In Grid Mode, check the Select All option to display the Select All option on the left side of the icon, and the checkbox at the lower-right corner of the profile of each influencer.

Step 5

There’s a Send Invitation button and a View Profile button at the bottom of each influencer profile. You’re allowed to send collaboration email by clicking the Send Invitation button; or view the details of this influencer by clicking the View Profile button.

Step 6

If you’ve checked the Select All option, you’ll see three options at the bottom of the page, including Cancel, Unfavourite and Send Invitation. If you click the Cancel button, you’ll dismiss all your selections immediately; by clicking the Unfavourite button, you can remove the selected influencers from this group; if you click the Send Invitation, you can send collaboration email to the selected influencers in batch.

Step 7

If you want to manage another group, you’ll only need to click the name beside the Group option, and select the group you’d like to manage in the drop-down menu.



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