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View Influencer Profiles with Details

After getting the searching results of the influencers, you may want to know more about the influencer you’re interested in. The following guide will show you how to view the details of the influencer.

How to View Influencer Profiles with Influenex

Step 1

Click the name of the influencer to enter the detailed information page of the influencer. In the detailed information page, you’ll be able to view the subscriber number, the engagement, and more information of this influencer.

Step 2

Subscribers: The number of subscribers on this YouTube channel.

Total Views: The number of views of all the videos on this YouTube channel.

Total Post: The number of videos that are posted on this YouTube channel.

Engagement: The percentage resulted from counting likes, dislikes and comments of this YouTube channel.

Subs for the latest 30 Days: Number of total subscribers of this YouTube channel in last 30 days.

Views for the latest 30 Days: Number of total video views of this YouTube channel in last 30 days.

Average Video Views: Number of average video views from the latest 20 videos.

Estimated YouTube Price Range: The estimating price range for a collaboration between YouTube influencer and brand.

All Video Tags: All the related tags to this YouTube channel. By clicking the tag, you’ll be navigated to the searching result page of this tag.

Channel Performance: Display the overall statistics of this YouTube channel.

The Latest Video Views: Histogram of the total video views in this YouTube channel from daily to monthly.

Video Views (The Latest 20 Videos): The views of latest 20 videos on this YouTube channel. The pink line stands for average video views of this channel. If you want to view the details, you can hold on your left mouse button to zoom the chart.

YouTube Views Tendency: The tendency of video views on this YouTube channel. You’re allowed to select the time duration from 1 month to 2 years.

YouTube Subscribers Tendency: The tendency of subscriber number on this YouTube channel. You can choose the time range from 1 month to 2 years.

Latest Posts: Display the 3 latest videos of this YouTube channel.

Featured Posts: Display the 3 videos which have most views on this YouTube channel.

View More: Lead you to this channel page on YouTube.

Similar and Related YouTube Channels: Recommendation of similar and related YouTube channels with this channel.

Step 3

You can enter the keywords to search another YouTube influencer and view his/her channel’s detailed information.




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