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Social Listening

Influenex premium version offers a social listening feature, which enables you to monitor your brand and products on YouTube with detailed information to help you know more about what others are talking about your brand or products. The following guide will show you how to monitor your brand or products on YouTube with Influenex.

How to Monitor Your Brand or Products on YouTube

Step 1

Visit and choose YouTube Listening under Key Features, and you’ll be navigated to the Social Listening page.

Step 2

Now you can enter the keywords, such as your brand name or product name, and then click the Search button on the right side of the searching column. If you’re interested in the hot searches, you can select one word to take a look.

Step 3

After clicking the Search button, you’ll see the performance of your brand or product below. The Tendency of the Product, Related Queries, and Posts on YouTube will be displayed, which enable you to get a clear idea about the popularity of your brand or products.




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